Special Student

Special student is one who, not being enrolled in a Postgraduate course at Unicamp and being a graduate, receives authorization from the respective Postgraduate Coordinators, to attend one or more isolated subjects of Postgraduate in a certain academic period and if they obtains regular enrollment in Postgraduate courses, the special student immediately loses this condition.

The interested party must observe the deadlines set out in the School Calendar to register. In the impossibility of completing the activities, they may request a change of registration, withdrawal of registration or justified abandonment.


For foreigners:

Foreign students can enroll normally as special students - LINK.

At the end of the school period, the Certificate of Studies is issued by the Academic Board (DAC).

2º SEMESTER of 2023:


The person interested in enrollment as a special student at FEAGRI must follow the following steps:

1) Consult the Schedule book regarding the offer of the desired discipline;

2) Consult the deadline for enrollment in the School Calendar;

3) If the subject requires prior authorization for registration, contact, via email, with the teacher responsible for the subject in which they wishes to enroll to request prior authorization. This authorization should be forwarded to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4) Register through SIGA. Important: there is no pre-registration period for Special Student at FEAGRI;

5) Monitor the confirmation of the registration that will be sent in your email registered in SIGA.


The whole process is done by SIGA, with no need for face-to-face attendance at the secretariat or DAC.

 LINK for registration on the DAC website

To give up enrollment in Special Student subjects, follow these instructions, check the DAC website information: https://www.dac.unicamp.br/portal/estude-na-unicamp/estudante-especial. There is a period in the school calendar to make this request. Post-deadline requests will not be accepted.


Access the Enrollment Form, click on "New Registration" - SPECIAL STUDENT

Important: DO NOT click on "Graduate Studies." Fill out the enrollment form and attach a photo and undergraduate diploma (or certificate of course completion with graduation date). At the end of the registration, the candidate should see the message "Registration completed." If any tab has not been filled out or any upload is incomplete, the enrollment will not be finalized. Upon completing the form on the DAC page, the Special Graduate Student Registration form will be generated. Save this document as a PDF and keep it for your records. Based on the online enrollment form completed by the applicant, the Graduate Program Coordinator will electronically approve the enrollment in the course. There is no need for the student to submit the form to the graduate office or go to DAC.

Attention: Not all courses accept special students.

Attention: Interested students should contact the responsible professor for the course they wish to enroll in via email for authorization.

Students must send the authorization to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and wait for confirmation of enrollment, which will be sent to their registered email in SIGA. The entire procedure is carried out through the SIGA system.

During registration, you will need to upload a 3x4 photo and the required academic documents, which should be scanned.

After completing the form, uploading the documents, and finalizing your registration, you should await the analysis of your request.

If your registration is approved and you have obtained the coordination's approval to take the requested course(s), you will receive an automatic email for accessing the enrollment report. You will also receive a letter for setting up the password that will give you access to the System. (Be sure to set up your password, as this is how you will access DAC's Academic Services online.)

If your registration is rejected, you will also be notified via email.

Foreign students should observe the relevant legislation regarding documents produced abroad and the appropriate consular visa.