We hereby inform that as of December 01, 2021, it becomes mandatory to submit to the Postgraduate Committee the Original Writing Verification Report, with similarity percentage up to 24% generated by TURNITIN, in order to perform the analysis prior to the authorization for the defense of dissertation papers, thesis and TCCs of courses lato sensu and residences of the students, according to CCPG Normative Instruction No. 003/2021 - LINK.

Therefore, we have inserted in our Intranet system of Thesis and Dissertation Defense Request Flow the option to upload this report, by the advisor's step.


Turnitin is a software for checking similarity and preventing plagiarism, which points out the similarities between the text submitted by the student, the existing documents in the system's base and web pages. Turnitin has an efficient document comparison process in its database that allows you to provide originality reports in just a few minutes.


The Turnitin Originalidade tool enables the comparison between texts to verify the textual reuse between documents. In addition, the tool enables the generation of similarity reports using the turnitin database for the issuance of academic opinion on authorial authenticity.


Access restricted to teachers, researchers and editors of the journals linked to the PPEC. The registration will be released within two business days (Campinas administrative calendar).

Here the manual Turnitin Originalidade - Learn how to use the tool  - LINK


Watch the video about "The Importance of Ethics and Originality Policies in Academic Research"

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