Sick Leave

I had a health problem and got a medical certificate. What am I supposed to do?

If the student is absent from classes for a period of time, they or a legal attorney (with simple or certified power of attorney) should contact directly the Professor responsible for the subject and/or Course Coordinator. The justification of absences is made directly with the Professor and /or Coordinator and the DAC does not participate in the process. You do not need to deliver any documents to the DAC.

In the case of medical reports or certificates that request the student's removal from their academic activities for a certain period of time, the student or legal attorney may apply for the Home Exercise Regime, which is the process in which the student can perform academic activities assigned by the teacher as a way to compensate for their absence from classes.

The Home Exercise Scheme can also be requested by students during pregnancy and breastfeeding of newborns. For more information see Home Exercises/Maternity Extensions.

It is the student's responsibility to contact the professors to request the submission of the content, and it is up to the DAC to forward and formalize the documentation of the Home Exercises process. It is up to the professors and the Course Coordination to analyze each case, remembering that the request may not be accepted by one or more professors in the case of subjects with practical content.