Financial Resources

CPG manages Capes/PROAP resources

What it is: CAPES program whose objective is “Financing the activities of postgraduate courses, providing better conditions for the training of human resources.” (Source: CAPES website)

For whom it is intended: "Institutions and postgraduate courses, which are responsible for the selection and monitoring of scholarship holders, according to capes guidelines" Source: CAPES website


These resources can be assigned:

1) To regular student of the Program, requiring these students to be within the deadlines established by the Program - 24 or 48 months in the Master's and Doctorate, respectively; Students who receive bench rate, it is necessary to present accountability. 

2) To teachers;

3) To occasional collaborators participating in the judging panel for the defense of theses and dissertations;

4) Payment of publication fee and submission of scientific articles; Publication of scientific papers in National and International Journals;

5) Acquisition of airfare in duly justified cases;

6) Acquisition of consumables and laboratories;

7) Contracting Laboratory Analysis services. 

We highlight, especially in the case of items 1 and 2, an exclusively complementary character.                   




Ordinance CAPES no. 64, of March 24, 2010.


PROAP's administrative procedures are regulated by Ordinance No. 156 of 11/28/2014, which repeals Ordinance 64 of 03/24/2010.

About daily: The daily values in the country are established in Decree No. 6.907 of 2009 and the international daily values in Decree No. 6.576 of 2008

Daily values (data updated in July/2014).





Fill out the specific online form for requesting financial resources, you will receive a confirmation email sending this along with your replies, this email should be forwarded to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and attach the following documents:

01 - Prospectus of the event;

02 - Acceptance of paper (if any);

03 - Summary of the paper (if any).

In case of field research and/or experimental field data collection, the student must submit the Study Plan and a proof of bank account to deposit the resource into their bank account. 









The accountability of the resources approved and released by CPG/Feagri must be done within a maximum of 05 days after the return of activities, forward to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the corresponding document below:

Congresses and courses: certificate of participation

Field research and/or experimental field collection: activity report