Exchange Students


The student must contact the teacher with whom he/she intends to perform the internship or research to express interest and set details such as activities to be developed, dates of stay at Unicamp, among others. 

The professor responsible for the student and the Postgraduate Secretariat prepare the documents that will be sent to the DAC:


Upon arrival at Unicamp, the student must attend the Teaching Unit where he/she will undertake the internship or research to sign the necessary documents and receive the initial guidelines. 

In the case of a Brazilian or foreign student staying at Unicamp for up to 90 days, the Unit will forward the documents listed above to the DAC. 

In case of a foreigner whose stay at Unicamp is more than 90 days, the student must attend, after presenting themselves at the Teaching Unit, at the DAC Service with a simple copy accompanied by the originals of the following documents:

  • passport identification page;

  • passport page containing the visa;

  • passport page with the entry stamp in the country;

  • National Migrant Registration Card (CRNM) or visa registration protocol or appointment for registration with the Federal Police.

The orientation is that the student already brings the letter and the forms filled out by the Unit at the time they attend the DAC, so the process is more agile. 

In the case of documents issued by institutions based abroad, please refer to the rules inDocuments produced abroad.

Information on types of Visas for Brazil, please visit Visa Guidelines for Foreigners.



Upon completion of their registration, the student will receive an email from DAC with their student registration number (RA) and password to use Wi-Fi Eduroam.

University Card - RA

The university card will be available at DAC the day after receiving the registration confirmation email. With the card, the student will have access to the removal of books in the Libraries of the SBU system and the University Restaurants of the campus, being able to make meals with the same values offered to regular students.

*The validity of the university card will always be until the end of the school period for which the student has enrolled. If you still have credits on the card at the end of the semester, it can be used in subsequent semesters, provided that you register again.

Email, Password and Wi-Fi

After enrollment in the subjects, the student will receive an automatic e-mail with instructions for consultation to their Registration Report and a letter for registration of password that will give them access to the e-mail with domain 1st letter of the name This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the wireless network Eduroam.

More information on the DAC website