Changing Areas of Concentration

At any time, you may be asked to change your Concentration Area, provided that you have the consent of your advisor and the coordinator of the Postgraduate program.

To make the application, we ask you to forward to CPG, via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the forms below:

1) DAC Form - Curricular Option - Postgraduate (link)

Field: "Course data"

Code: 58 - Doctorate


Code 08 - Master's

Field: "Options"

Option by Concentration Area

Field: “Option by Concentration Area”

Select: Concentration Area

Field: "Code" and "name": 

AA - Agricultural Machinery

AC - Water and Soil

AF - Post-Harvest Technology

AG - Rural Construction and Ambience

AI - Systems Management in Agriculture and Rural Development

AJ - Non-Destructive Methods Applied to Materials, Structures and Trees

AK - Digital Agriculture


2) Request and justification for change of AC - FEAGRI (document template below)

Access to know the Teachers' enrollment

Once we receive the above documents, we will place these in the SIGAD system, so that you and your advisor can signs it. The system will automatically forward a notification about the digital signature to you. - To sign, check the step-by-step in this document.

The request will go through the respective Integrated Councils and then approved at the CPG meeting, then we will forward it to the DAC to make this change.