Postgraduate Committee

The activities of FEAGRI Postgraduate Courses shall be coordinated and managed by a Postgraduate Committee (CPG/FEAGRI), an advisory body to the Congregation of the Faculty.

Among its main attributions, contained in the CPG/FEAGRI INTERNAL STANDARD 01/2000, the following stand out:
  • Schedule the didactic activities of Postgraduate Courses in each academic period.
  • Prepare the Postgraduate Program catalog with information relevant to Postgraduate candidates.
  • Approve the creation and reformulation of Postgraduate subjects.
  • Propose the creation of new Postgraduate Courses.
  • Deliberate on matters and processes related to Postgraduate.
  • Distribute scholarships, according to pre-established criteria.
  • Approve the program of subjects presented by the students and advisors.

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